All photographs on the website are copyright of Vermeulen Photography unless otherwise stipulated.
Vermeulen Photography agrees to furnish the services of a professional photographer on the agreed upon date. Vermeulen Photography will be the sole professional photographer employed on this date. Amateur photographers are allowed, but permission needs to be received from Vermeulen Photography prior to the day. This being said no other photography will be allowed during family portraits and the couple shoot. This is to ensure that Vermeulen Photography can perform their service as professional photographers to the best of their ability. In no circumstances will Vermeulen Photography accept photographs from other photographers to be added to their collection.
Communication and meetings
All communication with Vermeulen Photography is to be done in writing via email.
Vermeulen Photography will meet with clients once, for maximum one hour, at no additional cost. This meeting can take place before or after the deposit has been paid.
Payment of the full deposit is required to secure any booking and booking date. Only once this deposit has been paid will your booking date be secured, until this point, the booking date is held only tentatively for a period of two weeks. Full payment is required two weeks prior to your event date. In the event of non payment, Vermeulen Photography will retain any payment already made without obligation to perform photographic duties at the event.
Photos and permissions
Clients will receive their high resolution, edited photos as agreed upon in the package the client has selected. Raw photos will not be provided unless otherwise agreed upon in writing. The client is able to do with these images as they please, but to note, that all images are copyright to Vermeulen Photography and permission is given to Vermeulen Photography to use reproductions of any of these images for display/commercial or editorials, including any online sites and magazines. Vermeulen Photography reserves the right to blog any event images. Images are welcome to be shared on social media with credit given to Vermeulen Photography. However, we do ask that clients do not edit or add colour filters to the original images. Clients are welcome to crop images.
Clients will receive their high resolution (1080p), edited video as agreed upon in the package the client has selected. Raw footage will not be provided unless otherwise agreed upon in writing. Once the video has been delivered, editing is completed. Should the client have specific requests for additional editing to the video, it will be evaluated on a case by case basis, and will be invoiced for accordingly.
For wedding photography, a meal & suitable seating will need to be provided for our photographic team of two.
Vermeulen Photography recommends that in the case of weddings, the client have a family photographic list to point out important individuals for informal or candid photographs, and to ensure that all family portraits are captured. Vermeulen Photography will not be held responsible for gathering family members for family portraits or for family photos that are not taken.
When booking an engagement session, it is the client’s responsibility to set up a date for the engagement session with Vermeulen Photography. We recommend at least 8 weeks before the wedding date.
Upgrades and Downgrades
Once a package is booked, with the deposit paid, your package cannot be downgraded to a package of lower value. Upgrades can be made. If for any reason Vermeulen Photography cannot attend your wedding, they reserve the right to appoint another photographer of similar style & standard to photograph your wedding on their behalf.
Vermeulen Photography will edit all photos and videos to keep within our artistic & professional standards. In keeping with this, Vermeulen Photography does not provide “Sneak Peeks”.
Our editing does include skin retouching, and other enhancing techniques, but not taking away from authentic beauty. Should the client want specific retouches or edits done to a photo once we have sent the photo to the client, this will be invoiced for accordingly. Requests for retouching/edits will not be taken for less than 10 photos, and need to be requested within 30 days of the client receiving the photos.
Photobooks are limited to the number of pages invoiced for. To give an indication, 28 pages can fit a maximum of 75 photos, and 40 pages and can fit a maximum of 125 photos. Additional pages can be requested and will be invoiced for accordingly.
Clients will first receive their photos on USB or electronically as agreed upon. Clients are then required to select the photos they would like in the photobook and to send that list to Vermeulen Photography. Vermeulen Photography will then lay the photos out in the photobook after which the client will have 1 viewing of the photobook proof electronically. Changes are limited to 5 changes, after which R50 per change will be charged. The client has 30 days to make changes after the proofs have been sent, if no feedback is received in that time, the photobook will be assumed approved & sent.
Canvas prints
In the case of canvas prints, the client will first receive their photos on USB or electronically as agreed upon. Clients will then select which photo they would like printed.
Wedding dance lessons
Vermeulen Photography recommends starting dance lessons 2 months before the wedding date. To this end, the dance lessons need to be scheduled no later than 3 months before the wedding date. When the lessons are scheduled the chosen wedding song must be provided so that Vermeulen Photography can choreograph the routine. Should the lessons not be scheduled according to the timeline laid out in the Terms and Conditions, the package will be forfeited and the deposit amount will be retained.
Should the need arise to cancel a dance lesson for any reason, that lesson is forfeited. If additional dance lessons are required, they will be invoiced accordingly.
All quoted prices include delivery fees unless the final materials need to be sent internationally in which case the courier fees will be charged to the client at the rate set by the courier.
Vermeulen Photography will aim towards providing the photos no later than 90 days from your event date. Photos deemed unusable or not in keeping with the professional standards of Vermeulen Photography will not be forwarded to the client. Vermeulen Photography reserves the right to release only the images deemed creditable as professional in quality and within the photographer’s artistic standards, including any unedited/raw images.
Should the need arise to cancel a photographic booking for whatever reason, the booking deposit is non-refundable or exchangeable for another photographic option. If the event date is rescheduled, a new quote will need to be approved & booked. If Vermeulen Photography is not available for the new date requested, the deposit from the original booking is non-refundable & will be retained. Should the event be cancelled or rescheduled within two weeks before the event, Vermeulen Photography will retain the full payment, deposit & final payment made to date.

All bookings made with Vermeulen Photography automatically agree to these Terms and Conditions, and will be bound once the deposit has been made. In the case of clients not signing and returning the contract, but simply paying the deposit, the client is automatically agreeing to, and understanding all the Terms and Conditions as stipulated in this contract.
Vermeulen Photography reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any point without prior notice. In the event that changes are made they will be posted to
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